Apr 2023

York Symposium

RIED’s second face to face Symposium held in York

At the end of April we held our second face to face RIED Symposium in the beautiful University of York. While there the team took a trip to Derby to visit the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust, visited York Minster & were based in the new Institute for Safe Autonomy on the University of York Campus.

The presentations and discussions were great and the support from EPSRC, our SGB and ISAB Advisory Boards and Industrial Partners continues to be terrific and greatly appreciated. We would also like to extend out thanks to Tony Phipps for hosting our day at Rolls Royce, along with Shahrokh Shahpar and his very informative presentation and to the Rolls Royce Trust Heritage Museum Guides, Peter Johnston and Colin Scrivener too, who made the visit so interesting.

For more information about this symposium, please have a look at our RIED Newsletter No.2 (August 2023)