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This section will be updated to highlight any publicity about our RIED Research programme.

  • Engineering Evolution: Nature-Inspired Solutions Podcast with Professor Mark Price (April 2024)

    You can hear our Professor Mark Price take part in this recent Siemens-Digital Industries Software – Engineer Innovation Podcast” and describe the intriguing word of nature bio-inspired engineering design. Exploring the intersection of nature, engineering and innovation, Mark shares his extensive experience in aeronautics and his research into bio-inspired rules for innovative engineering design. This episode contains significant insights into multidisciplinary problem-solving, the evolution of engineering processes and the integration of nature’s principles into modern design methodologies.

  • Silent Designers Episode 5 – Mark Price, Biohaviour (October 2023)

    What role can design play in our Journey to Net Zero ? In this fifth episode of Innovate UK Silent Designers Podcast, we explore the theme of net zero and sustainable technologies, with guest Mark Price.. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or watch it on the Innovate UK Site

  • New perspectives on interoperability across design simulation and validation in an intergrated design process. (September 2023).

    Professor Mark Price’s presentation from the IMechE Simulation Conference 2023.

  • Clare Newton & RIED (June 2023)

    RIED is inspired by nature. we are observing natural systems at work and codifying these into engineering systems to produce innovative designs and processes. Nature also inspires art. Our great friend and outstanding photographic artist Clare Newton has produced an amazing exhibition where art and technology and nature are brought together. The Seeds of Change project explores the nature around us and gives alternative perspectives to the amazing world of engineering design that is being created in RIED.

    Exposing innovative science to the public is very important for me. The reason I made this a big part of the Seeds of Change project, is that I have not seen the inside story of science before and in particular in a non-scientific context.  
        Although there are science museums, they look at subjects that are around us, to enable children to easily relate to a subject.  There is very few informative science projects that are portrayed in local exhibition form, and in a non-scientific public place. The purpose of this project is to reach out to a different sector of audiences and bring an unusual aspect of science that they can be inspired by and make the imagery immersive, so that the viewer feels the same excitement as I did when shooting the project.
        Over the years, I have brought different worlds together to widen a viewer’s point of view. This project I reach out to the non-scientific communities in public gardens, nature museums, churches, and other resourceful places. I know the public enjoy something different and will become fascinated by what I uncover.”

    Clare’s exhibition can be viewed from the 6th June to 28th August 2023 in:

    Gilbert White’s House,

    The Wakes,

    High Street,



    GU34 3JH,

    T: 01420 511275,

    Open daily Tuesday to Sunday 10:30am to 4:30pm

    QR code to Seeds of Change
  • NI Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expo (June 2023)

    On Thursday 22nd June the RIED Project were at the Northern Ireland Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expo, as part of the QUB Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) stand, at the TEC Belfast.

    Professor Mark Price was invited to host a panel ‘From Blueprint to Breakthrough’ and held a talk on ‘New Perspectives on interoperability across design and manufacturing in an integrated design process’. Both the panel and talk were well attended and received, and the Expo has since noted 1827 attendees on the day. This is a great way to get conversation flowing on what we’re doing at RIED and more eyes on our work.

    Following on from this success, the RIED project is looking forward to taking part in more exhibitions, watch this space.

  • Framework Training Interview (November 2022)

    Queen’s University Belfast & University of York – RIED: ReImagining Engineering Design

    Framework Training supported Queen’s University Belfast & University of York with specialist training on best practices for software development to support a new interdisciplinary project called RIED: ReImagining Engineering Design – to drive the generation of new methods for design engineering.

  • ‘cyber seed’ that ‘grows like a plant’ could revolutionise how we design vehicles, medical equipment, and more (June 2021)

    Independent Online Newspaper Article

    The ‘seed’ grows algorithmically in a CAD environment – and while the outcomes are random now,
    researchers say it could develop incredibly quickly